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Let Us Help You With Your Manufactured Home Set Up Materials and All Your Tire and Axle Needs


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  • Tires
  • Steel Piers
  • Tie Downs
  • Foundations
  • Skirting
  • Set Up Supplies

Certified recycled means that our axles and facility are inspected quarterly by T.R. Arnold, an independent agency for inspection and monitoring.

Look for the RED LABEL or GREEN LABEL on the axle that ensures a thorough inspection & testing has been done.

Axle Brakes & Idlers - New & Certified Recycled
Brake Axle New: Only in 99.5" length
Recycled: Brake & Idler Axles in 99.5", 95.5", 82.5", 79.5" & 75.5" lengths
Available in top mount or underslung.
Raw: Brake & Idler Axles upon request

IBSSQ605050BRAKE, TM 99.5"
IBSSQ605050BRAKE, TM 95.5"
IBSSQ605050BRAKE, TM 82.5"
IBSSQ605050BRAKE, TM 79.5"
IBSSQ605050BRAKE, TM 75.5"
IBUSQ605050BRAKE, US 99.5"
IBUSQ605050BRAKE, US 82.5"
IISSQ605050IDLER, TM 99.5"
IISSQ605050IDLER, TM 95.5"
IISSQ605050IDLER, TM 82.5"
IISSQ605050IDLER, TM 79.5"
IISSQ605050IDLER, TM 75.5"
IIUSQ605050IDLER, US 99.5"
Axle Small Parts
30021TBPTD2Tow Bar Plate D-2
30022TBPTD4Tow Bar Plate D-4
NPTUB030000Tubing, 3" O/S Dia by LF
NPSPS000000Spring Pad Saddle
NPLFS000000Leaf Spring Used
NPUBTNT2011U-Bolt Nut .5x20x.75
NPUBT070000U-Bolt 1/2-20-7"
NPUBT060000U-Bolt 1/2-20-5.46"
NPUBTNTF520U-Bolt Nut 7/16-20
NPUBT716205U-Bolt 7/16-20x5.38
Shackle Parts
NPHAN010000Hanger H-1
NPHAN020000Hanger H-2
NPHAN030000Hanger H-3
NPHAN050000Hanger H-5
NPHAN060000Hanger H-6
NPHLK000225Hanger Link 2.25"
NPEQB000000Equalizer Rocker Banana
NPSBT320916Shackle Bolt 9/16"-18x3.25"
NPLNC180916Lock Nut Top 9/16x18
Small Parts Drums
NPMAG000000Brake Magnet - New
NPBRADJ0000Brake Adjuster
NPBRADJSP00Brake Adj Spring
NPHBS000532Brake Shoe
NPBAX000000Bearing Outer Axle
NPBIA000000Bearing Inner Axle
NPGRA000000Seal Grease Large
NPGRASML000Seal Grease Small
NPCOT000000Cotter Pin
NPDCL000000Dust Cap Large
NPDCS000000Dust Cap Small
NPRCP000000Rim Clamp
NPWBC135160Whl Blt Cs 1/2-13x1-7/8"
NPWBC135178Whl Blt Cs 1/2-13x2-1/4"
NPWBF205187Whl Blt Fn 1/2-20x1-7/8"
NPWBT202255Whl Blt Fn 1/2-20x2-1/4"
RPNHH207800Nut Heavy Hex .5x20x7/8
NPNTFDCN000Ford Cone Nut
Drum, Hubs
NPCBH000000MH Brake Drm Continental
NPDBD000000MH Brake Drum-Dexter
RPDRU007170MH Brake Drum-Hayes (#717)
NPSBD000000MH Brake Drum-Shoal
Rims & Parts
RPRIM000000Used Rim
NPRIM000000Rim Donut New
NPTVS000000Valve Stem
NPTVA300501Metal Valve Stem
Used Tire on Used Rim
ITMUQ007288Tire Used 7:14.5
ITMUQ002800Tire Weather Ck
ITMUQ002810Used 8:14.5 28" 10-Ply
ITMUQ002812Used 8:14.5 28" 12-Ply
ITMUQ002814Used 8:14.5 28" 14-Ply
ITMUQ002614Used 8:14.5 26" 14-Ply
ITMUQ002414Used 8:14.5 24" 14-Ply
New Tire
NTMNQ002814New 8:14.5 28" 14-Ply New Rim
NTMNQ000215New Tire New Rim 215-14.5
NTNOQ002614New 8:14.5 26" 14-Ply No Rim
NTMUS002614New 8:14.5 26" 14-Ply Used Rim
NTMNS002614New 8:14.5 26" 14-Ply New Rim
NTNOQ002414New 8:14.5 24" 14-Ply No Rim
NTMUQ002414New 8:14.5 24" 14-Ply Used Rim
NTMNQ002414New 8:14.5 24" 14-Ply New Rim
NTMNQ002415New 8:14.5 24" 14-Ply New Rim
NTNOQ000215New Tire No Rim 215
NTMUQ000215New 215 Tire on Used Rim
NTMUQ035145New Low Pro 235-60 & 235 Used Rim
NTMNQ035145New Tire New Rim Low Pro 235-60 16
New Trailer Tires
NTNR0020514New Trailer Tire New Rim 205 14"
NTNR0020515New Trailer Tire New Rim 205 15"
NTNR0022515New Trailer Tire New Rim 225 15"
NTNR0225156New Trailer Tire New Rim 225 15" 6-5.5"
NTNR0235166New Trailer Tire New Rim 235 16" 6-5.5"
NTNR0235168New Trailer Tire New Rim 235 16" 8-6.5"
NTRWS001455New Trailer Wht Spk Rim 14"
NTRWS001555New Trailer Wht Spk Rim 15"
NTRWS015655New Trailer Wht Spk Rim 15" 6-6.5"
NTRWS016655New Trailer Wht Spk Rim 16" 6-5.5"
NTRWS016865New Trailer Wht Spk Rim 16" 8-6.5"
NTTNOM20514New Trailer Tire 205 14"
NTTNOM20515New Trailer Tire 205 15"
NTTNOM22515New Trailer Tire 225 15"
NTTNOM23516New Trailer Tire 235 16"
Tools & Service Items & Misc.
22020NAJTSNNorco Jack 12-Ton Short
22150JATLBNNorco Jack 12-Ton Long #76412A
22022JATNSNNoroc 20-Ton Jack
22025NAWLVNWater Leveler
23400VCVPCTVictor VP 30 Cutter
49044PNSPLKSnap Lock Punch Tool SL-5
22505GSCKVLGas Cock Valve 3/4" F/F
22506GSVLFTGas Valve Fitting Flare 1-1/8x3/4 MIP
22123GSFL24Gas Flex 24" 3/4" End
22161DSFL36Gas Flex 36" 3/4" End
22360GSFL48Gas Flex 48" 3/4" End
22361GSFL60Gas Flex 60" 3/4" End
22162GSFL72Gas Flex 72" 3/4" End
22029NASQENSqueak Ender
24302LAGWSH3/8"x6" Lag w/washer
Moisture Barrier
22143NAFSTBFilm Sheeting 16'x150' 6mil
Wood Products
24004NAWDWNWedges 2"x4"x12"
24005NAWDBNWd Block 1"x8"x16"
24016NAWDBNWd Block 2"x8"x16"
24030NAWDPDWd Pad - PT 2"x12"x30"
24032NAWDPNWd Pad - PT 2"x10"x28"
OTI ABS Products
23301OTAPONOTI ABS Pad Oval 16.5 x 18.5
23304OTIABSOTI ABS Pad Oval 17 x 22
23309OTAPONOTI ABS Pad Oval 21 x 29
23308OTAPSNABS Pad Square 24 x 24
Pier Tops
23104PRNT34Pier Nut (State Requires 2)
23029NAPHSNPier Head 5" Saddle Top
23062PRHSTPPier Head 10" Saddle Top
23060NAPHLNPier Head L Top 5"
23063NABLTNBolt on Top 5"
6000# Standard Piers
23031NAPIRNPier 8"
23032NAPIRNPier 10"
23034NAPIRNPier 12"
23036NAPIRNPier 14"
23038NAPIRNPier 16"
23040NAPIRNPier 18"
23042NAPIRNPier 20"
23044NAPIRNPier 22"
23046NAPIRNPier 24"
23048NAPIRNPier 26"
23050NAPIRNPier 28"
23055NAPIRNPier 30"
23057NAPIRNPier 32"
23058NAPIRNPier 34"
23059NAPIRNPier 36"
23144NAPIENPier Strap 15"
Special Order - 3000# Perimeter Piers
23506NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 6"
23508NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 8"
23510NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 10"
23512NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 12"
23514NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 14"
23516NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 16"
23518NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 18"
23520NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 20"
23522NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 22"
23524NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 24"
23526NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 26"
23528NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 28"
23530NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 30"
23532NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 32"
23534NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 34"
23536NAPMPRPerimeter Pier 36"
Central Pier Anchor Brace
23153ANBRKTAnchor Brace Kit for Dirt
23159ANBRKTAnchor Brace Kit for Concrete
23155ANBRPIAnchor Brace Ext Pipe 24"
23156ANBRTPAnchor Brace Longitudinal Top
23173ANPRPIAnchor Pier Pipe 10"
23172ANPRBSAncor Pier Base 10"
23106ANPRPIAnchor Pier Pipe 11"
23107ANPRPIAnchor Pier Pipe 18"
23108ANPRPIAnchor Pier Pipe 19"
23111ANPRBSAnchor Pier Base (11-19"Pipes)
Central Pier Anchor Pier Kit
28600ANPRKTAnchor Pier Kit 10-21"
28601ANPRKTAnchor Pier Kit 14-21"
28602ANPRKTAnchor Pier Kit 20-27"
28603ANPRKTAnchor Pier Kit 26-33"
23109ANPRHWAnc Pier Hardware
23143BRACKLBracket "l" (C&J Beam)
23177ANPRGRAnc Pier Gripper (2Per)
23115ANPRRDAnc Pier Rods (4Per)
23116NAPRPDPT Ply Pad 24" 4/holes
CP Seismic Kit on Plywood
28612SEPRPWSeismic Kit 7" Ply 7.75-10.75"
28606SEPRPWSeismic Kit 11" Ply 11.75-18.75"
28607SEPRPWSeismic Kit 15" Ply 16.75-23.75"
28608SEPRPWSeismic Kit 19" Ply 19.75-34.75"
CP Seismic Kit on Plywood
28604SEPRCRSeismic Kit 7" Conc 10.5-13.5"
28609SEPRCRSeismic Kit 11" Conc 14.5-21"
28610SEPRCRSeismic Kit 15" Conc 19.5-26.5"
28605SEPRCRSeismic Kit 19" Conc 22.5-36"
CP Seismic Components
23166SEPRHWSeismic Hardware-PLY
23169SEPRHWSeismic Hardware-CONC
23174SEGRPLSeismic Gripper Pl 3x3
23143BRACKLBracket "L" (C&J Beam)
23117SEPI07Seismic Pipe 7"
23112SEPI11Seismic Pipe 11"
23113SEPI18Seismic Pipe 15"
23114SEPI19Seismic Pipe 19"
23119SEPIBSSeismic Base 7"
23120SEPIBSSeismic Base 11"
23121SEPIBSSeismic Base 18"
23116NAPRPDPT 24" Ply Pad 2-Holes
23118SEPRPDPier Pad Concrete
OTI 1100-V Components
23376OTLIBNOTI Long I-Beam Conn Brkt
23378OTIBFNOTI Long Form Bracket
23379OTBBLNOTI Bolt Bag
23416OTPTANOTI Lateral Arm 5'
23420OTCLANOTI Conc Lateral Arm Brk
23394OTDCLNOTI Dry Conc Long. Conv. Hdwr
23392OTDPLNOTI Pan Long. Conv Hdwr
23386OTLGANOTI 20" PTD Long Arms
23387OTLGANOTI 28" PTD Long Arms
23388OTLGANOTI 39" PTD Long Arms
23389OTLGANOTI 44" PTD Long Arms
23390OTLGANOTI 54" PTD Long Arms
23384OTGPANOTI Dirt Pan Lateral Assembly
Extended I-Beam
23421OTWABNOTI Wedge Anchor Bolts
23422OTIEXBOTI Ext I-Beam Lateral Clamp
23423OTIVBROTI Ext V-Brace Long. Clamp
Tie Down Components Continued
23350OTAUGNOTI Anchor 30"
23356OTSTPNOTI 11" Stabilizer Plate
23414OTQCSNOTI Quick Cap Stabilizer
22185MOLBLTWedgebolt for Slab Anc 5/8x3"
23411OTPTHNOTI Offset Slab Anchor ONLY
23412OTIANSOti Anc J-HK 5/8x12" Swivel Rebar
23325OTOUTNOutrigger 3'/ 16W Chassis
OTI 1100-ICV Concrete System
28701OTLKTCOTI Lateral in Dry Conc.
28720OTLOCSOTI 20" Long/Lat Conc.
28728OTLOCSOTI 28" Long/Lat Conc.
28739OTLOCSOTI 39" Long/Lat Conc.
28744OTLOCSOTI 44" Long/Lat Conc.
28754OTLOCSOTI 54" Long/Lat Conc.
OTI 1100-V Dirt System
28801OTLKTDOTI Lateral in Dirt
28820OTLOKTOTI 20" Long/Lat on Dirt
28828OTLODTOTI 28" Long/Lat on Dirt
28839OTLODTOTI 39" Long/Lat on Dirt
28844OTLODTOTI 44" Long/Lat on Dirt
28854OTLODTOTI 54" Long/Lat on Dirt
Tie Down Components
23357OTSPBNOTI Split Bolts
23131NAASFNAnc Strap 7' w/Frame Clamp
23133NAASFNAnc Strap 15' w/Frame Clamp
23373OTSTBNAnc Strap 7' w/Buckle
23014NAASTNAnc Strap 15' w/Buckle
23132NAASHNAnc Strap 7' w/Hole
23140ANST15Anc Strap 15-20' w/Hole
23377OTIQUKOTI Quick Conn I-Beam Brk
23375OTSSQNOTI 7' Strap w/Sm Qk Con
23550TXDRAOTI Cross Drive Rock Kit
23125NAADRNCross Drive Rod Only
23126ANCXDHCross Drive Anchor
Temporary Steps
24069NAWHRNWood HR 3 Step 36" Deck
24075NAWHRNWood HR 5 Step 36"
24076NAWSDNWood 5 Step 36" Deck
24006NAWSDNWood 2 Step 36" Deck
24009NAWSDNWood 3 Step 36" Deck
24011NAWSDNWood 4 Step 36" Deck
24012NAWHRNWood HR 4 Step 36
24082NAWKANAngle Slat
24007NAWBKN3pc Back kit
24080NAWKSNWood Slat Kit Strt for 36" Step
ProGaurd Skirting
20523PGVPSGProGuard CV Skirt Gray
20533TRPAKGProGuard Trim Pak Gray
20543PGTBRGProGuard T/B Rail Gray
20550PGTFRGProGuard T/F Rail Gray
20556PGBRLGProGuard Bottom Rail Gray
20521PGVPSPProGuard CV Skirt Pearl
20531TRPAKPProGuard Trim Pak Pearl
20541PGTBRPProGuard T/B Rail Pearl
20548PGTFRPProGuard T/F Rail Pearl
20554PGBRLPProGuard Bottom Rail Pearl
20525PGVPSBProGuard CV Skirt Beige
20535TRPAKBProGuard Trim Pak Beige
20545PGTBRBProGuard T/B Rail Beige
20552PGTFRBProGuard T/F Rail Beige
20558PGBRLBProGuard Bottom Rail Beige
20520PGVPSWProGuard CV Skirt White
20530TRPAKWProGuard Trim Pak White
20540PGTBRWProGuard T/B Rail White
20547PGTFRWProGuard T/F Rail White
20553PGBRLWProGuard Bottom Rail Wht
20522PGVPSTProGuard CV Skirt Tan
20532TRPAKTProGuard Trim Pak Tan
20542PGTBRTProGuard T/B Rail Tan
20549PGTFRTProGuard T/F Rail Tan
20555PGBRLTProGuard Bottom Rail Tan
20524PGVPSCProGuard CV Skirt Clay
20534TRPAKCProGuard Trim Pak Clay
20544PGTBRCProGuard T/B Rail Clay
20551PGTFRCProGuard T/F Rail Clay
20557PGBRLCProGuard Bottom Rail Clay
20581VFSSKNVariform Spike/Screw Set
Rustique Rapid Wall Skirting
20600RWIPLWRW Insulated Panel White
20601RWIPLGRW Panel Grey
20602RWIPLARW Insulated Panel Almd
20620RWTPMWRW Top Mount White
20621RWTPMHRW Top Mount Grey
20622RWTPMARW Top Mount Almond
20630RWTPFWRW Top Front White
20631RWTPFHRW Top Front Grey
20632RWTPFARW Top Front Almond
20640RWBRAWRW Bottom Rail White
20641RWBRLHRW Bottom Rail Grey
20642RWBRLARW Bottom Rail Almond
20643RWCRNKRW Wall Corner Kit Wht
20650RWHKTNRW Hardware Kit
20670RWAUVWRW Automatic Vent Whte
20671RWAUVGRW Automatic Vent Grey
20680RWACDWRW Access Door White
20681RWACDGRW Access Door Grey
20682RWADRARW Access Door Almond
20683RWACDBRW Access Door 26"x26" Brown
Varibest Skirting
20502VBSPSPVaribest Solid Panel-Pearl
20506VBSPSBVaribest Solid Panel-Biege
20510VBVPSWVaribest Vented Panel Wh
20511VBVPSPVaribest Vented Panel-Prl
20512VAVPSNVaribest Vented Panel Tn
20513VBVPSGVaribest Vented Panel Gr
20514VBVPSCVaribest Vented Panel Cly
20515VBVPSNVaribest Vented Panel Bg

Our Business at a Glance

If you have used axles or tires in good condition that you have no use for, we can buy them from you. You need not worry about the logistics, as we can come to your location to pick them up for you. We will visit you at your dealership, service center, or community anywhere within our service areas.

Our team also offers brand-new and thoroughly inspected axles and tires. No matter what item you need, we will make sure to provide you with the highest-quality supplies, dealership products, and setup materials.

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Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced purchasing representatives—whether you wish to purchase or sell used axles and tires. Our team looks forward to working with you!

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